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Network & Membership

Join the World’s Largest & Most Active Angel Investor Network


Keiretsu Forum is the largest global private equity investment network of accredited angel investors, venture capitalists and corporate/institutional investors.

Membership in Keiretsu Forum is by invitation only and is extended to individuals
who share our vision and will actively contribute to our community.

Membership Overview


A Keiretsu Forum Member is . . .

  • An active accredited investor

  • A trusted, honest and respected member of our business community

  • A contributor of time, wisdom and experience to our funded companies and soon to be funded companies

  • Someone who enjoys building relationships with other members and companies we fund

  Membership Benefits

  • Attend Denver and Vail Chapter Pitch Events

  • Attend Pitch Events at partner chapters, including Keiretsu's leading chapters in Silicon Valley and the Pacific Northwest . . . and any of Keiretsu's 52 global chapters

  • Online Access to Keiretsu deals worldwide — review company applications, access contact information, and request syndication through the Denver chapter,

    plus . . .

  • Extensive screening of investment opportunities through regular Deal Screening and Keiretsu Forum meetings

  • Direct involvement in extensive due diligence of targeted opportunities

  • Access to experts, service providers, resource members and thought leaders across industries and domains

  • Mentorship opportunities with the next generation of industry leaders throughout the Keiretsu network

  • Access to due diligence reports of investment opportunities across Keiretsu Forum’s 52 global chapters

  • Charitable activities and social events to foster social consciousness and meaningful business relationships

  • Keiretsu Forum Rockies leadership opportunities


How To Become A Member

1.  Be Our Guest

All accredited investors are welcome to register as a guest at one of our Forum meetings. Please RSVP to or sign in as a guest at our next event.

2.  Review Membership Information and Apply Online

Please click here for additional information regarding membership options and accredited investor qualifications. Then complete the Membership Interest Form.  

3.  Get in the Mix

Keiretsu Forum Rockies will follow up promptly after receiving a completed Membership Interest Form and will work with you to complete your membership. After acceptance and finalization, it's all about being an active member of the community and focusing on exciting investment opportunities. Reach out and work with our leadership and team members early and often!