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About Keiretsu Forum

Founded in 2000, Keiretsu Forum is the world’s largest angel investor network with over 2,500 accredited investor members in over 52 chapters on three continents. Its the #1 most active early stage and #2 seed and late stage investor in the world. (PitchBook Q2, 2017) Keiretsu Forum members collaborate in conducting due diligence on presenting companies, but they make individual investment decisions. In 2016 alone, Keiretsu Forum backed 168 ventures. To date, they have invested over $750M invested in more than 1,000 companies, across technology, consumer products, life sciences, real estate, and other high-growth segments. Presenting entrepreneurs consistently find great value in our extensive resources, feedback, mentoring, and funding while investor members benefit from well-screened, quality deal flow, group collaboration in evaluating deals, and association with a powerful, intelligent group of professionals. Additionally, the Keiretsu Forum community is strengthened through angel investor education events, social opportunities, and charitable giving. Overall, Keiretsu Forum provides entrepreneurs and investors with an active, dependable marketplace for win-win transactions.

“Keiretsu” Definition

Keiretsu is a Japanese term describing a group of affiliated corporations with broad power and reach. We think of Keiretsu Forum as a conglomeration of individuals or small companies that are organized around private equity funding for mutual benefit. Keiretsu Forum believes that through a holistic approach that includes intertwining relationships with partners and key resources, we can grow and sustain an association that produces the highest quality deal flow and investment opportunities.

“Great Association…

Keiretsu Forum membership is comprised of serious investors, business leaders, venture capitalists, corporate/institutional investors and serial entrepreneurs. Keiretsu Forum enjoys synergies and close relationships with venture capital firms, universities, and other partner organizations. These relationships facilitate access to the capital, talent, technology, and resources needed to build a successful venture.

. . . with Quality Deal Flow”

Our quality and diverse deal flow comes from our community of members, venture capitalists, sponsors, incubators and universities. Keiretsu Forum members invest in opportunities that focus on emerging technologies, healthcare/life sciences, consumer products, real estate and other segments with high growth opportunities.

Rockies Chapter

The Keiretsu Rockies chapter was created in late 2016, with its base in Denver and additional investors in Vail. The chapter raised approximately $1.5 M in its first year of operation. We are excited to grow and expand throughout the mountain region, and always have an eye open for potential leaders that can assist us in bringing high quality deal flow from Colorado's competitive entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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